divendres, 17 de novembre de 2017


We are going to explain to you about last Chestnut and Halloween party. We watched a movie, we played board games and we danced with some music. Also, our teachers baked some chestnuts and 8th grade students help them to hand out a bag for each student. Later, some our parents gave chocolate to everybody. We were very happy because it was delicious!

We dressed up with different costumes like the 'exorcist girl', Pennywise, Jason from Friday the 13th and so on. We had a lot of fun and it was very funny! We are sending you some pictures to chek it all out. Please, do not laugh at us!

divendres, 3 de novembre de 2017

Hello friends!

Dear American friends,

We are the students of 1st of ESO (7th grade, Middle School) at Pedagogium Cos, a school placed in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a town very near to Barcelona.

We are very excited about meeting new friends from the other side of the world! We think that getting in touch for the whole year will be a great experience!

Last week we celebrated one of our favourite parties. In Catalan, we call it La Castanyada (the Chestnut party). It is a tradition here and we will write a post next week explaining it to you. But do not worry, we like dressing up for Halloween too!

Please tell us about what is a Halloween party like in the USA? Do you really do 'trick and treat' like in the movies?

We send you a big hug! We are looking forward to knowing about you!