dimarts, 22 de maig de 2018

Have a great summer!

Dear friends,

Thanks for your letters. It is wonderful to get letters from the other side of the world.

We are amazed about your Spanish level. Also, we are happy to learn about your culture and the things that you like. It is funny because sometimes we think that we like the same things such as computer games, music, food and hobbies.

Sometimes we get confused when you talk about football because we do not know if you are talking about "American football" or "soccer" so, we decided that you like both.

We hope that we can get in touch during the summer and we wish you a happy holiday.

We will talk to you next year!

divendres, 2 de febrer de 2018

Our amazing school!

Dear friends!

These past weeks we have been making some videos to show you guys what is our school like. We have done them with Harry's help, our native English speaking teacher who is from New Zealand and is a professional rugby player too!

We hope you enjoy them!

divendres, 12 de gener de 2018

Happy new year!

Dear American friends,

Happy new year 2018!

We sent you some Christmas letters with our best wishes. We hope you will get them soon. Also, we are making some videos about our school to show you our place and all the things we do.

Thank you very much for your last post. It was great to see the place where you study. It looks much bigger than our school. And we are very jelous, because you have 42 minutes of PE every day! That is not fair for us! We have only 2 hours of PE once per week.

We will write soon again. Best wishes!