dimarts, 6 de novembre de 2018

Hello American friends!

We are 7th graders studying at Pedagogium Cos, a small school located in Sant Boi de Llobregat, a town close to Barcelona and we are very happy to be in contact with you. 

On the 31st of October, 2018 we celebrated Halloween and La Castanyada (the chestnut party) at our school. The little ones celebrated La Castanyada, a traditional celebration in which you bake and eat Chestnuts. They also come to school dressed up as Castanyers and Castanyeres (the people who usually collect, bake and sell the chestnuts). 

This year, we had the chance to celebrate Halloween, like you do in the States, and we came to school dressed up as monsters, vampires, werewolfs and other strange creatures. Some of us were dancing, others were listening to the music and many others were watching a horror film. It was very fun!

At the end, some of the oldest students came to our classes to dance the typical dance of La Castanyada and gave us some baked chestnuts to eat too. They were still hot!

It was a great afternoon! What did you do? What is your school like? 

Please, tell us more things about Chicago! We want to know!

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